Dog Itching

Does your dog scratch constantly?  Are they suffering from flaky, dry skin, dull coats, or irritable hot spots?  Find out the five most common causes of what makes your pet itch and how you can help eliminate the main triggers for itchy skin.



  1. Does your pet constantly groom itself?

The most common skin disease in pets is Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD).  In response to flea saliva, cats and dogs itch, scratch, and lick bites incessantly, creating a vicious cycle that can be very painful.  Unlike some cats and dogs who may be able to tolerate a moderate amount of bites, pets with FAD can’t even tolerate one. Bring relief to your pet and help FAD by using a flea treatment such as Bravecto Spot On, or Simparica for Dogs  in combination with a variety of wound care creams


  1.   Does your pet go outside to play in the backyard or visit parks and recreation reserves?

Environmental allergens can cause your dog's itching.  Plants, airborne pollen, fungi, and moulds can cause allergies, which can occur either seasonally or year-round.  If you notice that your pets start scratching after coming inside following play time, keep them inside the next day or two and try to identify the cause. 

Dog With Branch


  1. Does your pet eat well balanced pet foods?

In many cases, skin irritations in cats and dogs are caused by unbalanced diets. As a result of not getting sufficient nutrients and vitamins, their skin, coat and entire body can be in a constant state of stress and itchiness.  Containing omega fatty acids made up of fish oil and linseed oil, PAW Dermega Omega 3 & 6 Oral Supplement will help maintain your pet’s skin and improve their coat condition.  PAW Dermega Omega 3 & 6 Oral Supplement can also be used for treating all allergic and inflamed skin conditions, including FAD.



  1. Is your pet shampoo full of harsh chemicals and irritants?

Several shampoos and conditioners contain irritants and harsh chemicals that can irritate your pet's skin and cause itching.  These chemicals are able to deplete your pet’s ceramides and fatty acids, which are a major factor in maintaining healthy skin.  Containing Vitamin B5 and colloidal oatmeal, PAW NutriDerm Range has been specifically designed to relieve itchy skin and to support and maintain skin health in your pet.


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  1. Does your pet have stinky paws, musty-smelling ears and is constantly scratching?

Another cause of dry, itchy and scaly skin in dogs is fungus infections. Fungal organisms and their spores are usually found in soil rich in animal faeces, dust, mould, or grass, as well as in our pets' bodies. They can cause anything from skin irritations to skin lesions and hair loss to serious internal organ damage.  For control of fungal infections of the skin use Malaseb Medicated Foam.  It’s synergistic formula effectively degreases the skin, removes scales and kills the microorganisms that cause dermatitis.  To treat sensitive fungal infections such as ringworm use Fungafite Antifungal Cream. Help your pet prevent itching.