1. Boxer Dog Looking Sad
    August 29, 2022

    Pain in Pets: Recognizing the Signs

    Pets are unable to tell us when they are in pain, so it is up to you to determine whether they are in pain or if they are experiencing another issue. The purpose of this article is to explain the differences between acute and chronic pain in both dogs and cats and will list common signs of pain.
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  2. Owner cuddling dog
    July 27, 2022

    Top 7 Places Ticks Hide On Your Dog

    In order to protect your pet from deadly diseases transmitted by ticks, it is crucial to check for and remove ticks regularly. We have compiled a list of the top 7 spots where ticks can conceal on your dog, as well as tips for preventing and removing them.
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  3. brown lab eating fish
    July 21, 2022

    Can Dogs Eat Seafood?

    If you look at the ingredients on your dog's food or other brands in the store, you'll likely see fish quite frequently. Even if it is an ingredient of dog food, dogs still cannot safely eat just any fish we put in their dinner bowl. Here is what you need to know if you want to add a fishy treat to your dog's diet.  
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  4. puppy with toy in mouth
    May 17, 2022

    How to Socialize Your COVID Puppy

    If you were one of the many people who decided to get a puppy during COVID, your dog may have missed some opportunities to socialize through lockdowns and social distancing. Dr Mark has shared some tips and tricks for socializing a nervous dog in this blog article.
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  5. A Dalmatian is being offered a bowl of food by a person crouching on the right hand side of the image
    April 21, 2022

    How to Prevent Aggression During Meal Time

    Are you struggling to get through mealtime without your dog trying to snap at you? If this is the case, your pooch probably has a degree of food aggression. Don’t worry though, you aren’t alone, quite a large number of dogs have this problem! Through this article we help you understand and solve this issue so mealtime can become a more peaceful activity within your household.

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  6. dog in grass
    April 06, 2022

    A Look at Heartworm Disease

    In this blog we take a look at heartworm disease. Firstly, how heartworms affect your pets heart, how to recognize if your pet has heartworms and how to prevent heartworms.
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