Ear & Eye Care for Dogs

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Petkin Eye Wipes 30 Pack
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Yours Droolly Dog Ear Cleaner 125ml
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Yours Droolly Sterile Dog Eye Wash 125ml
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Natural Animal Solutions Eye Clear 15ml
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Ilium Ear Drops 20ml
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ilium Oticlean Skin & Ear Solution Nozzle 125mL
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PAW Gentle Ear Cleaner 120ml
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Troy Ear Canker Drops 20Ml
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Natural Animal Solutions Ear Clear 50ml
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Epiotic SIS Ear Cleanser for Dogs
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Vetalogica Gentle Ear Cleaner 125ml
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Bio-Groom Ear Fresh 24g
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Kleo Ear Cleaner 100ml
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Otoflush Dog Ear Flush 125ml
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Sonotix Ear Cleaner 120mL
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Petkin Pet Wipes Travel Pack Original 100 Pack
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Petkin Pet Wipes Travel Pack Bamboo 100 Pack
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Petkin Fingertip Ear Wipes 50 Pack
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Petkin Fingertip Eye Wipes 50 Pack
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19 Items

Ear & Eye Care

Understand the importance of regular ear and eye care for your dog's overall health and comfort. Discover the products offered by VetShopMax to maintain your pet's well-being.

Products We Offer

  • Ear Solutions: Ilium Ear Drops, PAW Gentle Ear Cleaner, Troy Alpha Ear Cleaner & Troy Ear Canker Drops.

  • Ilium Oticlean Skin & Ear Solutions: Keeps infections at bay and maintains ear health.

Why are Ear & Eye Care Essential?

  • Early Detection of Issues: Regular checks can spot early signs of infections, mites, or other concerns in ears and eyes.

  • Preventing Infections: Cleaning the ears and eyes can prevent bacterial growth and infections.

  • Ensuring Comfort: Regular cleaning prevents discomfort caused by wax build-up, foreign objects, or irritants.

  • Avoiding Major Health Issues: Untreated ear and eye problems can escalate, leading to serious conditions.

Regular ear and eye care are crucial for maintaining your dog's health and quality of life.

FAQs: Dog Ear & Eye Care

  • Q: Why is it important to regularly check my dog's ears and eyes? A: To detect and prevent discomfort, infections, and more serious conditions.

  • Q: How often should I clean my dog's ears? A: Weekly checks and cleaning when necessary, depending on your dog's breed and ear health.

  • Q: My dog's ears have an odd odor. What should I do? A: Clean the ear and consult your vet if the odor persists.

  • Q: What are the benefits of using Ilium Ear Drops 20ml? A: It treats ear infections and inflammations, providing relief to your dog.

  • Q: How can I ensure my dog's eyes stay clean? A: Gently wipe the area around the eyes and consult your vet for cleaning solutions if needed.

  • Q: What signs of ear or eye problems should I watch out for? A: Look for redness, swelling, discharge, excessive scratching, or signs of pain.

  • Q: How do Troy Ear Canker Drops 20ml help? A: They treat ear canker and ear mites in dogs.

  • Q: Are there side effects of ear and eye care products? A: Side effects are rare but follow guidelines and consult your vet if unsure.

  • Q: Can I use human ear and eye care products on my dog? A: No, always use products designed for dogs.

  • Q: How can I prevent ear infections in my dog? A: Regular cleaning and keeping ears dry after baths or swimming can help prevent infections.