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Frontline Plus for Cats: The Trusted Choice for Flea and Tick Protection

Keep Your Feline Friend Flea-Free and Tick-Safe

Why Choose Frontline Plus for Your Cat?

Cats aren't just pets; they're family. That's why at VetShopMax, we bring you Frontline Plus for Cats, a vet-approved, top-tier solution for flea and tick protection. With our Australian roots, we ensure you get authentic, prescription-free pet medications, delivered right to your doorstep.

What Makes Frontline Plus Stand Out?

Frontline Plus is more than a flea and tick treatment; it's a peace-of-mind for pet owners. Specially formulated for felines, it targets fleas, ticks, and their larvae, ensuring comprehensive protection. Its dual-action formula not only kills existing parasites but also prevents future infestations, keeping your cat healthy and happy.

Easy Application for Busy Pet Parents

We understand your busy lifestyle. That's why Frontline Plus is designed for easy, stress-free application. Simply part your cat's fur between the shoulder blades and apply the solution directly onto the skin. One dose provides a full month of protection, letting you and your furry friend enjoy uninterrupted cuddles.

Safe, Effective, and Vet Approved

Your cat's safety is our priority. Frontline Plus is rigorously tested and vet-approved. Suitable for cats over 8 weeks old, it's a safe and effective solution for long-term protection against fleas and ticks.

Join Our Community of Happy Pet Parents

At VetShopMax, we're more than a pet medication provider; we're a community. Share your Frontline Plus stories on social media, engage with fellow pet lovers, and read heartfelt stories from satisfied customers. Your feedback helps us serve you and your pets better.

A Final Purr of Assurance

Frontline Plus for Cats is priced in USD for our majority US customers, ensuring affordability without compromising quality. Protect your beloved cat with Frontline Plus - because they deserve the best.

Frequently Asked Questions About Frontline Plus for Cats

  1. What is Frontline Plus for Cats?
    Frontline Plus for Cats is a topically applied flea and tick treatment. It's specially formulated to not only kill adult fleas and ticks but also disrupt the life cycle of these pests, preventing future infestations.
  2. How do I apply Frontline Plus to my cat?
    It's simple! First, ensure your cat is relaxed. Part the fur between the shoulder blades to expose a small area of skin. Then, apply the entire contents of the Frontline Plus applicator to this spot. Avoid bathing your cat for 24 hours after application.
  3. Is a prescription required to purchase Frontline Plus?
    No, a prescription is not required. Thanks to our Australian base, we can offer genuine, vet-approved Frontline Plus without a prescription, making it easier for you to access top-quality pet care products.
  4. How often should I apply Frontline Plus?
    For continuous protection, apply Frontline Plus once a month. It's designed to be long-lasting, providing your cat with ongoing defense against fleas and ticks.
  5. Can I use Frontline Plus on my kitten?
    Yes, Frontline Plus is safe for kittens over 8 weeks of age. It's important to provide your young feline with effective flea and tick protection as they explore and grow.
  6. Does Frontline Plus also treat tick-borne diseases?
    While Frontline Plus is effective in killing ticks and preventing tick infestations, it does not treat diseases that ticks may transmit. Regular application can reduce the risk of your cat contracting tick-borne diseases by minimizing tick exposure.
  7. How does Frontline Plus differ from other flea and tick treatments?
    Frontline Plus stands out due to its dual-action formula. It not only kills adult fleas and ticks but also destroys flea eggs and larvae. This comprehensive approach ensures better protection for your cat.
  8. Is Frontline Plus safe to use alongside other medications?
    Generally, Frontline Plus can be used safely with other medications. However, it's always best to consult with your veterinarian if your cat is currently on other treatments.