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6 Items

Unleash the Fun with VetShopMax's Catnip Cat Toys

At VetShopMax, we understand the magical appeal of catnip to our feline friends. That's why we offer an enchanting selection of catnip cat toys designed to stimulate, entertain, and engage your cat. From plush mice infused with catnip to interactive catnip balls, our collection provides endless hours of play and enjoyment, tapping into the natural instincts and curiosity of cats.

A Catnip Toy for Every Feline Personality

Our array of catnip toys caters to the diverse personalities and playstyles of cats:

  • Plush Catnip Toys for Cuddlers: These soft toys, filled with catnip, are perfect for cats who love to cuddle and snuggle with their toys. They provide comfort and stimulation during play.
  • Interactive Catnip Balls for Active Cats: For cats that enjoy chasing and pouncing, our catnip balls offer a stimulating play experience, encouraging natural hunting behavior.
  • Catnip Scratchers for Claw Health: Combining the allure of catnip with the need to scratch, these toys help maintain claw health while deterring cats from scratching furniture.
  • Refillable Catnip Toys for Long-Lasting Fun: These toys allow you to refresh the catnip, ensuring your cat remains interested and engaged over time.
  • Catnip Sprays for DIY Toy Enhancement: Ideal for adding catnip allure to any toy or scratching post, our catnip sprays are a convenient way to enhance your cat’s play environment.

The Magic of Catnip

Catnip, a natural herb, has a unique effect on cats, stimulating playful behavior in many felines:

  • Stimulates Playful Behavior: Catnip can encourage even the most reserved cats to play, providing mental and physical stimulation.
  • Safe and Natural: Catnip is a non-toxic herb, making it a safe choice for enhancing your cat’s toys.
  • Variety in Response: While not all cats are affected by catnip, those who are typically display increased energy and playfulness.

Quality and Safety: Our Priority

At VetShopMax, we prioritize the safety and wellbeing of your pet. Our catnip toys are made from high-quality, safe materials, ensuring they are durable and non-toxic.

Eco-Friendly and Innovative Options

We offer a range of eco-friendly catnip toys, including those made from sustainable materials, to provide environmentally conscious options for pet owners.

Tips for Using Catnip Toys Effectively

  • Moderate Use: While catnip is safe, it’s best used in moderation to keep it exciting and special for your cat.
  • Observe Your Cat’s Reaction: Some cats may become overly excited with catnip. It’s important to observe your cat’s behavior and respond accordingly.
  • Refresh Catnip Regularly: If you have refillable catnip toys or use catnip spray, refresh the catnip periodically to maintain its appeal.

Worldwide Shipping and Expert Advice

VetShopMax offers global shipping, making our captivating catnip cat toys accessible to cat owners around the world. Our team of pet care experts is also available to provide advice on the best catnip toy options for your cat.


VetShopMax's range of catnip cat toys offers an exciting way to enrich your cat’s playtime and awaken their natural instincts. Whether your cat prefers cuddly plush toys or enjoys active play, our catnip toys provide a safe, fun, and stimulating experience. Explore our collection today and watch your cat revel in the delightful world of catnip.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do all cats like catnip?
    Not all cats respond to catnip; it’s estimated that about 50-70% of cats are affected by it. The response is genetic, and kittens under six months may not react to catnip.
  2. Is catnip safe for my cat?
    Yes, catnip is safe for cats. It’s non-toxic and can be enjoyed without harm, although it’s best used in moderation.
  3. How long does the effect of catnip last?
    The effect of catnip usually lasts about 10-15 minutes, after which a cat may lose interest. It may take a couple of hours before a cat responds to catnip again.