With a growing number of humans making the switch to a vegan diet, it was inevitable that many would consider switching their dogs as well. But can dogs even eat a vegan diet? Well, the short answer to that question is yes, but you should keep reading to see why it isn’t always a good idea.

Aren’t Dogs Carnivores?

As a descendant of the wolf, you might assume that dogs are also carnivores. However, dogs are actually omnivores, and they are able to digest and absorb some nutrients from fruits and vegetables. However, they can struggle to digest a particularly high fibre plant-based diet, and it can be difficult to ensure your dog receives the necessary nutrients from plant-based sources.

Why Go Vegan?

You may need or wish to switch your dog to a vegan or vegetarian diet for a variety of reasons. Some dogs are allergic to animal proteins such as chicken and beef. However, it can be dangerous to remove meat from your dog’s diet if it is not done correctly.

Going Vegan Safely

The safest way to ensure you are feeding your dog an appropriately balanced diet is to seek the advice of an experienced veterinary nutritionist. Dogs need a diet that is rich in protein and easily digestible, and they are at risk of vitamin B and D deficiencies as well.

Well, This All Sounds Too Hard

It can be a substantial commitment to switch your dog to a vegan or vegetarian diet. Here are some reasons you should keep your dog on a diet that includes meat.

So, What Should I Feed My Dog?

When choosing what to feed your dog, their health should always take priority. VetShopMax recommends feeding your dog a high-quality food that uses humanely-sourced meats and ethically sourced fruits and vegetables.

What About My Cat?

Unlike dogs, cats are obligate carnivores and are unable to survive on a plant-based diet. Feeding your cat a vegan diet is only possible if the diet is appropriately supplemented with the necessary nutrients and should only be attempted under the supervision of an experienced veterinary nutritionist.