Milpro All Worrmer for Dogs

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Milpro Broad Spectrum Allwormer 5-25kg
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Milpro Broad Spectrum Allwormer 5-25kg
Milpro Small Dog Allwormer 2 x Tablets
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Milpro Broad Spectrum Allwormer Small Dog & Puppies 1.1 - 11lbs 2 Tablets
Milpro Broad Spectrum Allwormer Small Dog & Puppies 1.1 - 22lbs 24 Tablets
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Milpro Broad Spectrum Allwormer Small Dog & Puppies 1.1 - 22lbs 24 Tablets

3 Items

Milpro Broad Spectrum Allwormer for Dogs: Uncomplicated Protection Against Worms

Welcome to the world of Milpro Broad Spectrum Allwormer for Dogs, a straightforward and effective solution to keep your canine companion safe from intestinal worms. VetShopMax, known for its vet-approved pet care products, brings you this easy-to-use allwormer to ensure your dog's health and happiness.

Why Choose Milpro for Your Dog?

  • Broad Spectrum Treatment: Milpro targets a wide range of internal parasites, including roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms.

  • Vet-Approved: Each tablet is vet-approved, ensuring your dog receives a safe and effective treatment.

  • Heartworm Prevention: In addition to treating worms, Milpro is also effective in preventing heartworm.

Benefits of Milpro

  • Easy Administration: Milpro's palatable tablets can be easily administered to your dog without hassle.

  • Quick Action: The formula acts fast to protect your dog from worms and heartworms.

  • Safety for Young Dogs: Suitable for puppies over 2 weeks old, providing early protection for your pet.

Administering Milpro

Administering Milpro is straightforward. Simply give the correct dose based on your dog's weight once a month, either directly or mixed with food. For the best protection against heartworms, maintain a regular monthly schedule.

How Milbemax Works

Milpro works by targeting the larvae and adult forms of worms, disrupting their nerve transmission, causing paralysis, and eventually eliminating them. It also prevents the development of heartworms, keeping your dog healthy.

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FAQs About Milpro Broad Spectrum Allwormer for Dogs

  1. What does Milpro treat? Milpro is a broad-spectrum dewormer, effective against various internal worms including heartworms.

  2. Administration frequency: Administer Milpro once a month for continuous protection.

  3. Prescription requirements: No prescription is required for purchasing Milpro, thanks to VetShopMax's Australian roots.

  4. Suitability for puppies: Milpro is safe for dogs over two weeks old, ensuring protection from a young age.

  5. Use in pregnant or lactating dogs: Consult a vet before administering Milpro to pregnant or lactating dogs.

  6. Administration method: Milpro can be given directly or mixed with food.

  7. Effect on fleas: While Milpro targets worms, it doesn't directly affect fleas. Use in combination with flea control for comprehensive protection.

  8. Seeing worms post-treatment: Observing worms after treatment indicates Milpro's effectiveness.

  9. Missed dose protocol: If a dose is missed, administer Milpro as soon as possible and adjust the dosing schedule.

  10. Pricing: Prices are in US dollars, catering to VetShopMax's US customer base.

Remember, while Milpro offers effective protection against parasites, consulting with your veterinarian is essential for personalized pet health advice.