The Beginners Guide to Taking a Picture of Your Pet

Can we all agree we've tried to take that perfect picture of our pet to share across social media, however failed miserably?
Fido sit, stay, dont move ah! 
Taking a good photo of your cat or dog can be tricky; as most pets are not natural born posers 
Not to worry, let us help you capture that Kodak moment with our 5-step guide to taking the perfect picture of your pet.

Step One: Work with Your Pets Personality

Some dogs are gentle, slow moving and calm; while others jump, lick and run laps of the yard. 
Consider what makes your pet unique and work on these qualities. 
For example, photograph your playful pooch during a game of fetch, or your cat that enjoys snoozing for hours, on a cosy blanket next to the fireplace. 
And try avoid encouraging your pet into unnatural situations; as showing their true personality always looks best.

Step Two: Ensure a Relaxed Atmosphere

Getting your pet to pose in a studio is not only difficult, but they probably wont enjoy it either. 
In fact, most pets are more likely to relax and be their best selves in a familiar environment; at home, in the garden, or even the beach. 
Try make your little photo shoot fun for everyone, and ensure there is plenty of interaction and breaks. 

Step Three: Natural Lighting Works Best

For the most desirable lighting, try photographing your pet during the day and preferably outside. 
Also avoid using a flash, as this will not look as effective and can also frighten your pet. 
In additional to good lighting, you also want to consider the surroundings. 
An adventurous dog against the backdrop of a crystal clear beach makes for a pretty amazing shot.

Step Four: Get On Your Pets Level

Our best tip to you, is to get on your pets level. 
Kneeling down when photographing animals really does make a huge difference. 
Photos taken from a low camera angle will help make your pet the central focus in the final image.
Aim for the eyes and youll capture your pets unique personality. 
And if your pet is acting calm or a little sleepy, this is a great chance to get up close and personal. 
Most importantly, experiment! Try a close-up portrait or a fun action shot.
Another great tip is to take your photos with your subject off-centre, and have something interesting in the background.
Not only will this look nicely balanced, but your friends will think youre a pro!

Step 5: The Winning Shot

Keep things simple, stay relaxed, and just have fun with it!
Encourage plenty of action with a selection of toys and treats, as this will allow for a range of different shots.
And most importantly, aim to harness your pets natural spontaneity and instinct. Your dog might suddenly do something funny, so be alert and ready to capture the moment. 
Overall, your little photo shoot most likely wont turn out quite as you imagined, but youll soon see that this makes for some super cute photos, and some memorable moments shared with your best friend.
Happy snapping!

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