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Profender for Cats

Profender for cats combines powerful, broad-spectrum control of intestinal worms with the ease and convenience of spot-on treatment. Profender protects your cat from hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms in one easy treatment. It is the only intestinal wormer that kills all infective stages of the relevant intestinal worms in cats in Australia. Profender is also the world’s first spot-on intestinal wormer for cats. It contains two active ingredients — emodepside and praziquantel — which are quickly absorbed through the skin to give effective control of all gastrointestinal worms. We stock treatments for both small and large cats. With Profender, you can be sure your cat will be protected from harm, so you can spend more time enjoying life with your feline friend and less time worrying! 


What does Profender for cats protect against?

Profender for cats protects against intestinal worms such as hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. It is the only treatment currently on the market that has been proved to kill these intestinal worms at all infective stages. If your feline friend is suffering from heartworm or any other type of intestinal worm infection, you can trust Profender to get rid of the infestation and protect your cat from future ones.

How to apply
Profender to cats?

Wormers come with many application methods, and Profender for cats is one of the easiest ones to administer. In fact, Profender is a spot-on treatment which means all you have to do is keep your cat still for a second or two and then squeeze the content of the pipette onto your cat's skin between its shoulder blades. This fast-acting formula will be rapidly absorbed and quickly provide effective treatment and control of all major intestinal worms.

How often should I apply
Profender for cats?

Profender cat dewormer is to be applied to kittens every two weeks from three weeks of age until eight weeks of age, then monthly to 6 months of age. For cats six months and older, apply Profender every one to three months, depending on which worms you want to target.

How long does
Profender for cats last?

Profender for cats lasts around three months and should start acting within 24 hours of application. The long-lasting treatment means you don't have to worry about constantly protecting your feline friend from intestinal worms, which leaves more time for playing and cuddling!

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