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Milpro For Cats

Deworming your cat is essential to avoid the risk of a worm infestation and the serious health complications it can bring about for your feline companion. VetShopMax’s animal health professionals have approved our cat wormer treatments to ensure quality is not just a promise, but a reality for your furry loved one. 


What is
Milpro for cats?

Milpro wormer for cats is a liver-flavored, broad-spectrum worming treatment that is highly palatable, making the process more of a treat than a chore for your feline family member. It contains scientifically proven and trusted active ingredients with no reported side effects.


What does Milpro cat wormer prevent?

Milpro cat wormer treats and controls all major intestinal worms afflicting cats, including roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms and hydatids. It can also prevent heartworm if used monthly. It’s crucial to prevent worm infestations as they can cause your pet prolonged suffering, illness, or in extreme cases death. 


Is Milpro cat wormer safe for pregnant cats?

In short, yes. Pregnant queens can be treated during their pregnancy before the birth of their kittens. Once their kittens are born, the mother is treated every three months like any other adult cat. If nursing, they should be treated simultaneously as their kittens to maximize protection. 

Do you need a prescription for
Milpro cat wormer?

No, you do not need a prescription. At VetShopMax, all our products don’t need RX to be purchased. 

How often do I give my
cat Milpro?

Since every cat has a different lifestyle, they will require tailored worming treatment to suit their individual needs. Milpro cat wormer is available in various sizes, with scored tablets to ensure accurate dosing based on your cat’s weight.

  • Adult cats — Treat monthly to prevent heartworms or every 3 months for general protection unless their lifestyle calls for a tailored treatment plan. 

  • Pregnant queens — Treat at mating, before the birth of kittens, and then every 3 months or monthly for heartworms.

  • Nursing queens — Treated simultaneously with their kittens every 3 months after birth.


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