Dr Mark`s Top 10 Things Your Dog Should NOT Eat
Over the years I practised veterinary medicine, I noticed that there was a repeated trend in the type of foreign bodies that I had to remove from the bowels of our canine friends.  
It may be useful for pet owners to know what the ten worst offenders are. Some of the items are often fed to dogs in the common belief that they are harmless, others the dogs themselves tend to find and ingest without their owners knowledge.
 Here are my Ten Worst Offenders:
  1. Cooked bones (chop bones, ham bones, etc) 
  2. Stones and rocks (gravel)
  3. Corn Cobs
  4. Fish hooks
  5. Mango Seeds & Avocado seeds
  6. Super Balls
  7. Macadamia Nuts
  8. Rubber bits sink plugs, caps of shock absorbers etc
  9. Plastic bags
  10. String (baling twine, wool & fishing line etc) 
Things that I have not removed out of animals but which many of my associates have had to remove are:
  • Hardware such as screws and nails
  • Cloth One of my colleges removed a shirt out of the stomach of a dog.
  • Corks
Take care with all of the above items and help prevent major abdominal surgery for your beloved pets!