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Yours Drooly Ear Cleaner 125ml


Yours Drooly Ear Cleaner is a non-irritating ear cleaner that removes crust, dirt and scales around the ear canal. It also dissolves debris, oils and waxes in the ear canal leaving your pet with a fresh, clean and comfortable ear. Application is easy. Simply apply a few drops to the ear canal, rubbing the base of the ear and wiping the interior of the ear flap with a swab and then let the MAGIC begin! Shear Magic Ear Cleaner is suitable for everyday use for pets with wax build-up problems; or it can be used as a one-off cleaner. It can be used on dogs, puppies, kittens and cats.

Yours Drooly Ear Cleaner Key Benefits:

  • Non-irritating ear cleaner.

  • Removes crust, dirt and scales around the ear canal. 

  • Dissolves debris, oils and waxes in the ear canal.

  • Suitable for everyday use or one off cleaner.

  • For use in dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.

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