Virbac Tapewormer Tablets

Virbac Tapewormer is an effective treatment for tapeworms in dogs and cats, containing 50mg of Praziquantel. It's recommended for regular use every three months, with dosage based on the animal's weight, administered whole or crushed into food. Additionally, it's crucial to address tapeworm infestations promptly to prevent potential health risks, especially in hydatid areas.

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Virbac Tapewormer for Dogs and Cats

Virbac Tapewormer is a generic of Droncit tablets

There are several different species of tapeworms that pets can be infected with. The species of greatest importance include Dipylidium caninum (flea tapeworm) and Echinococcus granulosus (hydatid tapeworm). The flea tapeworm is the most common species of tapeworm that infects dogs but infection with this worm does not usually cause any ill effects. However, the hydatid tapeworm poses a serious health risk to humans, despite not causing any real ill effects to dogs.


Active Constituents: 50mg Praziquantel.

How to Use:

All animals should be treated for tapeworm control at three monthly intervals (every six weeks in dogs in Hydatid areas) commencing at three months of age. In addition, breeding females should be treated at mating; approximately one week before birth and thereafter every three months. Weigh dogs and cats before treatment. Dogs and cats are treated by weight with the appropriate number of tablets. All tablets are to be administered at the same time, by mouth, or crushed and sprinkled on food.


  • 1 tablet/10kg bodyweight


  • 1/4 tablet under 1.5kg bodyweight
  • 1/2 tablet from 1.5kg to 5kg bodyweight
  • 3/4 tablet over 5kg bodyweight

It is recommended that all animals in Hydatid areas be controlled for tapeworms at three monthly intervals (every six weeks in dogs) starting at the age of three months.

Also, breeding females should receive treatment at mating, about a week before they give birth, and then every three months after that.

For dogs and cats, Virbac Tapewormer is a single-dose treatment that should be used as soon as possible. The tablets can be administered whole or crushed and mixed into the dog's food.

If your animal is still passing segments despite the above treatment, it is likely that they are belonging to a little known tapeworm (Spirometra erinacei) which belongs to a completely different family. It will be removed by giving one tablet of Virbac Tapewormer for dogs and cats for every 2.5kg of body weight. 

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