Nucidol 500ml

Nucidol 500ml is a reliable insecticide, effectively tackling pests to protect your crops or garden. It's like a powerful shield against insects, ensuring your plants thrive throughout the summer season.

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For fly, lice, flea and mange control on cattle, pigs, goats and dogs.


Neocidol is well-tolerated by cattle and sheep when applied as recommended in a dosage range from 0.03% up to 0.1% of active ingredient.


Timing and frequency depend on parasite, climatic conditions and degree of infestation. For mange mites, 2 or 3 treatments during the life-cycle of the pest and treatment of the animal houses may be necessary for thorough control.

Animals must be completely immersed at least once. Do not dip sheep with less than 2 weeks wool growth. Use sheep dip wash only on day of preparation, then empty completely and clean dip thoroughly to avoid build-up of bacteria causing post dipping lameness.


  • Cattle 3 days
  • Pigs 14 days
  • Goats 14 days
  • Horses 3 days

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Brand Platinum Performance