Maxi/Guard OraZn 59ml

Elevate your pet's dental well-being with this advanced oral care gel. Infused with neutralized zinc, a natural anti-inflammatory agent, it revolutionizes oral health. Say hello to fresher breath and a happier pet. Experience the future of pet dental care.

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Maxi/Guard OraZn 59ml

Maxi/Guard OraZn 59ml is an advanced oral health care solution specially designed to promote dental well-being in pets. It's a scientifically formulated oral care gel that harnesses the power of neutralized zinc (ZN). Neutralized zinc is a potent, safe, and naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agent, making it an effective solution for maintaining oral health. This is a revolutionary oral care solution designed to maintain your pet's dental health and keep their breath fresh. 

This innovative product acts as a 'pet toothpaste', but with a unique twist no brushing is required. It's a great solution for pets who resist traditional oral care methods. Applying this product to your pet's gums daily helps in the prevention of plaque buildup, reducing the chances of periodontal diseases, a common health concern among pets. By providing a slow-release anti-septic effect, this zinc-complex formulation eliminates terrible breath, ensuring your pet's mouth stays fresh and odour-free. It also helps in reducing gum inflammation and promoting tissue healing, thanks to its excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

Key Benefits:

  • Dental Health: OraZn promotes optimal oral hygiene by helping prevent plaque buildup, tartar formation, and gum issues, ensuring your pet's teeth stay strong.
  • Fresh Breath: Say goodbye to unpleasant pet breath. OraZn effectively neutralizes terrible odours, leaving your furry friend with minty-fresh breath.
  • Easy Application: Applying OraZn is a breeze. The convenient nozzle allows for precise delivery, making it simple to add to your pet's water or food.
  • Proven Formula: Formulated with a blend of zinc, antioxidants, and natural ingredients, OraZn is backed by veterinary expertise to deliver reliable results.
  • Suitable for All Pets: Whether you have a dog or cat, OraZn is ideal for pets of all sizes and breeds, contributing to their overall health.

Flavorless and completely safe to swallow, Maxi/Guard OraZn 59ml is suitable for pets of all breeds, sizes, and ages. Regular application of this product can drastically enhance your pet's oral hygiene, reducing the risk of oral diseases and promoting overall health. With Maxi/Guard OraZn 59ml, you're investing in a product that's backed by scientific research, ensuring your pets get the best oral care. It's an easy, safe, and vet-approved way to maintain your pet's oral health, paving the way for more comfortable, healthier, and fresher smooches from your furry friend!

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Animal Type Cat, Dog
Brand Maxi Guard
Directions for use

With cats use a pea sized droplet from you finger tip, gauze pad or swab. Simply rub this amount of gel onto the gum areas above the outside back upper molars on each side of the mouth. A gentle bathing action will distribute the neutralized zinc gel to remote areas of the mouth. Use slightly more for small dogs. Daily application is preferred and the product is easy to apply.