Lysine Paste For Cats & Kittens 100g

Lysine Paste for Cats & Kittens is a specially formulated supplement containing lysine, an essential amino acid, to support immune function and respiratory health in cats and kittens.

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Lysine Paste For Cats & Kittens 100g

Australian study shows that 21.2% of respiratory diseases in cats reported positive for FHV-1. L-lysine supplementation has been reported to help provide nutritional treatment that reduces FHV-1 Virus symptoms and the number of episodes on cats and kittens.

Lysine Paste 250g can be used on an occurence of an episode. Or be administered twice daily to reduce the severity and amount of episodes. Relieves the chronic and recurrent clinical symptoms of Feline Herpes Virus FHV-1, and reduces viral shedding.

Active Ingredient:
Lysine paste for cats and kittens is an oral supplement that contains 250 mg of L-lysine HCL per ml.

Lysine for cats and kittens:
L-lysine is an essential amino-acid that is important to develop and maintain body functions and the immune system. It must be available in dietary constituents or orally supplemented as it is not synthesized by animals. L-lysine is an important supplement for cats and kittens with respiratory and FHV-1 symptoms.

Dosage & Administration: Squeeze tube and gently administer a 2cm strip of paste, approximately equivalent to 1 mL of product. You can put it in your cats paws and allow your cat to lick product off paw, or add it to their food. Can be administered twice a day if as prescribed by a veterinarian.


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