Interceptor Spectrum Dog Small 8.8 - 22lbs Green

Interceptor Spectrum Dog Very Small Orange provides monthly protection against common internal parasites for dogs up to 22lbs, ensuring their health with a tasty chewable tablet. Trusted by vets, it prevents heartworm and other infections, keeping your pet healthy and active.

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Interceptor Spectrum Dog Small 8.8-24lbs Green


Interceptor Spectrum Dog Small 8.8-24lbs Green is a highly effective and easy-to-use product designed to protect small dogs against common internal parasites. This monthly chewable tablet is specially formulated to provide comprehensive protection against heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms.

Interceptor Spectrum Dog Small 8.8-24lbs Green is safe for use in dogs weighing 2 to 10 pounds and is recommended by veterinarians as a reliable and effective way to keep your pet healthy and free from parasitic infections. It works by killing the immature stages of these parasites, preventing them from developing into adults which can cause serious health problems.


Why Choose Interceptor Spectrum Dog Small 8.8-24lbs Green?

  • Comprehensive protection against five common internal parasites
  • Monthly dosing for ease of use
  • Considered safe and effective for dogs weighing 2-10 pounds
  • Chewable tablet with a delicious beef flavour for easy administration
  • Particularly effective at preventing heartworm disease
  • Trusted and recommended by veterinarians
  • Long-lasting protection against internal parasites with regular use


This medication is easy to administer and comes in a delicious beef-flavoured chewable tablet that dogs love. It can be given to your dog directly as a treat or mixed in with their food for added convenience. With regular use, Interceptor Spectrum can help to ensure your pet remains healthy and active for years to come.

Don't take chances with your pet's health - choose Interceptor Spectrum Dog Small 8.8-24lbs Green and give your furry friend the protection they need against internal parasites.

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