Troy Hemoplex Injection 100mL

Troy Hemoplex Injection 100mL is a targeted solution for managing blood disorders in livestock, promoting their health and well-being, especially crucial during the summer months when heat stress can exacerbate such conditions.

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Troy Hemoplex Injection 100mL

Troy Hemoplex Injection is a supplementary source of iron, vitamins, minerals and amino acids for use in horses.


  • 100mg/mL nicotinamide
  • 20mg/mL di-methionine
  • 20mg/mL l-lysine hydrochloride
  • 20mg/mL glycine
  • 15mg/mL iron ammonium citrate
  • 15mg/mL d-panthenol
  • 10mg/mL pyridoxine hydrochloride
  • 10mg/mL riboflavin sodium phosphate
  • 10mg/mL choline chloride
  • 10mg/mL inositol
  • 0.7mg/mL cobalt gluconate
  • 0.2mg/mL copper gluconate
  • 150mcg/mL cyanocobalamin
  • 10mcg/mL biotin

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Animal Type Horse
Brand Troy