HeartGard Plus Dog Large 51 - 100lbs Brown

HeartGard Plus for large dogs offers monthly protection against heartworm, hookworm, and roundworm in a tasty beef-flavored chew. Keep your furry friend healthy and thriving with HeartGard Plus.

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HeartGard Plus Chewables For Large Dogs 51 - 100lbs Brown

Make heartworm prevention a treat for your furry companion with HeartGard Plus for Dogs. With its mouthwatering real beef flavor, this monthly chewable tablet is more than just a preventative measure it's a delicious indulgence your dog will love. Suitable for dogs of all sizes, HeartGard Plus offers comprehensive protection against heartworms, hookworms, and roundworms, ensuring your pet stays healthy and happy. Don't let heartworms threaten your dog's well-being choose HeartGard Plus for effective, enjoyable protection.

Key Benefits:

  • Delicious real beef chewable tablets
  • Comprehensive protection against heartworm disease
  • Effectively treats and controls roundworm and hookworm infestations
  • Easy-to-follow monthly treatment protocol for dogs
  • Suitable for protecting dogs as young as 6 weeks old

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Animal Type Dog
Breed Size 45-88lbs, 89lbs Plus
Brand Heartgard Plus
Active Ingredient
  • Ivermectin
  • Pyrantel
Directions for use
  1. Administer Heartgard Plus orally to your dog monthly without fail.
  2. Use the recommended minimum dose of 2.72 mcg of ivermectin per lb of body weight.
  3. Also, ensure the administration of 2.27 mg of pyrantel (as pamoate salt) per lb of body weight.
  4. This dosing regimen is essential for preventing canine heartworm disease and managing ascarids and hookworms.
Weight Chew per month Ivermectin Pyrantel Color
Up to 25 lbs 1 68 mcg 57 mcg Blue
26 to 50 lbs 1 136 mcg 114 mcg Green
51 to 100 lbs 1 272 mcg 228 mcg Brown
  • From 6 weeks of age, dogs can start using Heartgard Plus.
  • For dogs weighing over 100 lbs, ensure the correct combination of chewables is administered.
  • Before commencing Heartgard Plus treatment, conduct tests to confirm the absence of heartworm infection in all dogs.
  • Remember, Heartgard Plus doesn't address adult D. immitis, so infected dogs need alternative treatment.
  • Treat infected dogs to eradicate adult heartworms and microfilariae before starting Heartgard Plus.
  • Although ivermectin in Heartgard Plus may affect some microfilariae, it doesn't fully eliminate them.
  • Be vigilant for mild hypersensitivity reactions, such as transient diarrhea, in certain dogs after treatment.