KER Drink-Up 20 x 80g Sachets

KER Drink-Up, available in 20 x 80g sachets, provides essential hydration support for horses, ensuring their health and vitality during the summer months.

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KER Drink-Up 20 x 80g Sachets for Horses

Drink-Up is a scientifically developed, highly appealing blend created to motivate horses to consume water. Ensuring adequate water consumption is crucial for the overall health and welfare of horses. Insufficient water intake can lead to dehydration risks, especially during exercise or travel. Crafted and produced in Australia, Drink-Up comes in convenient 80 gram sachets and can be combined with an electrolyte replacer.


  • Motivating horses to accept water from new sources
  • Helping horses maintain hydration before, during, and after travel
  • Aiding recovery from illness by promoting thirst
  • Supporting hydration in active and competing horses
  • Encouraging picky drinkers, whether at home or on the move
  • Rehydration after exercise or as a post-exercise treat

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