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Kong Dog Toys

For the safe enrichment they need and a toy they’ll actually love to play with, look no further than KONG toys for dogs from VetShopMax. Still looking for more four-legged fun? Shop the range of dog toys from KONG, Cuz, Prestige and more in our online store. 




Why choose KONG toys for dogs?

Because they’re specifically designed for KONG treats and dog food, KONG toys for dogs offer pups fun, challenging and incentive-based play. No matter what breed of dog you have, they’ll love the enrichment these toys provide, with a tasty treat waiting for them as a reward. 


What size KONG for my dog do I select?

The range of KONG dog products and toys is available in sizes for all dog breeds. Choose from small, medium or large sizes, and for serious chewers, check out the extreme range with extra large and king sizes that will hold up even under powerful jaws. 

What types of KONG dog toys are available?

You’ll find plenty to occupy any canine companion in our range of KONG toys for dogs. From the classic style KONG for dogs to Goodie Bones, Dental Teething Sticks, the Wobbler and the KONG dental toy with rope, we’ve got everything you need — especially if you have a pup who loves nothing more than a rigorous game of tug of war. 


What are the most popular KONG toys for dogs?

The classic KONG toy for dogs is popular with pet owners because of its durable exterior, allowing plenty of safe chewing. Treats can be hidden inside for an extra enrichment activity, and the unique shape provides an irregular bounce that keeps puppies playing fetch on their toes. This toy is great for solo play and for spending quality time with your pup. 


How do I choose the right KONG toy for my dog?


If your dog loves to fetch and catch balls, the bouncing classic KONG toy for dogs or Wobbler are ideal. For pups who like to chew on a bone, the Goodie Bone provides plenty of excitement without risky bone shards.  

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