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Dog Toys

Let your dog chase, tug, and roll with our collection of dog toys. From your dog chew toys to dog toy balls, you can spoil your pup with our dog toys online at VetShopMax. From the moment your puppy starts to roll around on the grass they’re dying to release their energy by playing and having fun. That’s why providing them with outdoor dog toys will allow them to unleash their fun puppy behavior whilst also learning and developing new skills. 

If your dog loves to chew at your old socks or shoes, then we suggest you introduce them to durable dog toys such as our dog tug toys or our dog teething toys. Entertain your dog in the backyard and pull their toy as they play with you for that special quality time — plus, they’ll stay away from chewing at your much-loved belongings! 



What are the most popular types of dog toys available?   

Here at VetShopMax, our most popular range of dog toys include several collections, from your chewable toys to your throw and fetch toys. We have four variations, including Cuz, Kong, Play N Learn, and Prestige.  

Now, if your dog loves to chew and can be a little devil at times, then we recommend our Cuz toy, where your beloved pet can munch away on this hard rubber squeaky toy. Or, if your dog loves running and catching toys, then our Prestige Rope Bones toy is perfect for throwing and receiving. 

We also recommend our range of Kong toys where you can hide treats inside for your dog or puppy to sniff and dig out. This can be perfect for pups who have separation anxiety and may struggle being left home alone. Simply leave them with their Kong toy and attend to your day of work, errands, or activities without worrying if your beloved pup is bored at home. If you have a puppy and want to build on their skills and development, then our Play N Learn collection is perfect for just that, with plush, soft toys and mini bones for them to dig into with their puppy teeth.  


How do I choose the perfect dog toy for my dog or puppy?

It’s all a matter of getting to know your dog's behavior and trialing toys to see which is their favorite. You can always start with one toy and see how they react. Ideally, it’s best to start with a soft toy, especially if they’re a puppy. If you’re still unsure, reach out to our team today for more information about selecting the perfect dog toy for your furry friend. 

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