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Valuheart Heartworm Tablets

As a vet-operated business, VetShopMax understands the importance of finding the treatments which will work to effectively protect your pets against illness and disease. 1 in 200 dogs become infected by heartworm in the United States every year, so the importance of protecting your dog from this nasty parasite should be one of your primary directives as a pet owner. Valuheart heartworm tablets work effectively to protect your dog against heartworm disease caused by the parasitic worm Dirofilaria Immitis in dogs, keeping them in optimal health for life.


How Valuheart for dogs works to protect your pet

Valuheart heartworm tablets for dogs is a monthly treatment used for the prevention of heartworm disease in dogs which can be safely used in conjunction with flea and tick prevention. The tablet is given once a month with your dog’s regular food intake for the prevention of nasty diseases caused by heartworm. Valuheart works by eliminating the heartworm larvae that infected your dog during the previous month, which prevents them from living on in your animal causing sickness and disease that can last for years.


Using Valuheart for affordable protection


As a generic version of Heartgard which uses the same active ingredient, Valuheart heartworm tablets provide you with an affordable and effective option to protect your dog from heartworm. Ivermectin, which is the main active ingredient used in Valuheart for dogs, is used to kill many parasites in animals, but is most commonly used in heartworm prevention treatments.   


Protecting your dog from diseases caused by heartworm can be lifesaving. If a dog becomes infected with heartworm and is not treated, the worms can live for up to 6 years which can amount to much larger numbers in vet bills and treatments. Choosing an affordable preventative treatment option such as Valuheart is an effective way to ensure that your dog avoids illness, and you avoid any unnecessary vet bills in the future.


Valuheart options for dogs of all sizes

Dogs are a loved and cherished part of our families and can easily be protected with the right preventative treatments. Regardless of whether your dog is a large or a small breed, we have what you need to protect all of your furry friends.

Valuheart heartworm tablets come in 3 different size categories for your dog:

  • Small dogs up to 22lbs
  • Medium dogs up to 44lbs
  • Large dogs up to 88lbs


For extra-large dogs up to 132lbs, an additional dose of half a tablet of the large dog size tablets is recommended for dogs.


Your partners in pet health and well-being


At VetShopMax we want to help you to protect your pet. Together with our selection of quality grooming products, VetShopMax provides the widest range of affordable online pet products, from heartworm treatments to multivitamins, so you can ensure that your dog lives the happiest and healthiest life possible.

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