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Dog Grooming Supplies

Regular grooming at home is an effective way to keep your dog looking neat and tidy without having to pay for expensive professional grooming. With the right dog grooming tools, grooming your furry friend can be an enjoyable, bonding experience for both of you. It is also a prime time to check your pet’s skin for parasites and any skin problems. Establish a routine of bathing, brushing, and trimming to keep your dog looking its best all year round.  



What are the essential dog grooming supplies I need for grooming my dog at home?

Every pet household should have three basic dog grooming supplies: a vet-approved dog shampoo, a gentle comb, and a pair of nail trimmers. Washing your dog with a shampoo that is specifically formulated for pets is essential for keeping their coat healthy and their skin irritation-free. Regular or baby shampoo can be harmful to your dog’s skin and natural oils. 

Although it can be a daunting task, regularly brushing your dog removes mats and tangles in their fur and keeps them looking shiny, glossy, and simply adorable. Overgrown nails can potentially curl back and damage your pet’s feet. This is why trimming your dog’s nails with nail clippers is an important at-home grooming task. 


How often should I groom my dog? 

The frequency of grooming depends on your pet as every dog is unique. The breed and coat type of your pup will affect their grooming demands but in general, nail trimming should be done every 3 to 4 weeks. Use your discretion when it comes to bathing your dog — only washing them when they start to smell or have rolled around in the dirt. Over-washing your dog can strip the natural oils on their fur and cause harm. No matter the length of your dog’s fur, grab a dog-friendly comb from your dog grooming supplies every couple of days to remove mats and old, damaged hair. 


Why is regular dog grooming so important? 

While regular grooming keeps your beloved dog looking good, it is also essential for their health. Ventilating their coat, helping it grow, and removing damaged fur, makes brushing your dog an important task. Being washed with vet-approved shampoo is also vital for avoiding any skin issues and ensuring the grease in their coat is controlled.


Find vet-backed dog grooming supplies online

From shampoos to detangling combs, and dog-friendly nail clippers, VetShopMax stocks a wide range of vet-endorsed products to keep your fur baby looking good and feeling great. You’ll find everything you need in our collection of wholesale dog grooming supplies online.

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