Derma Gel

Veterinus Derma GeL® is an advanced hydrogel specifically designed for optimal wound care in horses, promoting a moist environment and enhancing healing while safeguarding against irritation and scab formation.

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Derma GeL® is designed to create and sustain a moist environment for wounds. Its hydrogel composition enhances moisture levels, aiding in the removal of necrotic tissue and facilitating gentle removal of bandages without harming the recovering wound. Additionally, Derma GeL® forms a protective barrier that prevents the wound from drying, while enabling skin cells to move unimpeded during the healing process.


  • Keeps the wound moist, preventing scab formation.
  • Facilitates the movement of epithelial cells across the wound, promoting faster healing.
  • Promotes healing from both the sides and the base of the wound.
  • Safe and non-irritating to the wound.

How To Use:

  • Clean the affected area daily with warm water or saline solution to protect epithelial cells from irritation.
  • Generously apply Veterinus Derma GeL® two to three times daily as needed.
  • For added protection against skin proliferation, apply the gel to the surrounding skin as well.
  • Spray the area three to four times per day.


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