Cophos B Liquid Vitamin Supplement 100ml

Cophos B Liquid Vitamin Supplement 100ml is like a vitality potion for livestock, enriched with essential vitamins to support their health and well-being, particularly important during the summer when they need extra energy and resilience.

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COPHOS B is a muscle buffer and muscle energy support supplement for horses. COPHOS B provides readily available, energy rich phosphate, which is essential to muscle function and to buffer excessive lactic acid in your horse.

Additionally, COPHOS B provides Vitamin B12 which is essential for metabolic processes and in maintaining appetite.

Used regularly during training and work, COPHOS B improves muscular efficiency and endurance and improves recovery after hard work. It works to improve energy and oxygen supply to muscles, increasing maximum oxygen uptake and power output, delaying onset of fatigue and promoting muscle recovery in performance horses.

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Animal Type Horse
Brand Platinum Performance