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Revolution Plus Flea Treatment For Cats

Loved by people all over the world for their independent and free-roaming nature, cats are great companions and pets. However, it’s not only people that love cats for their explorative ways but nasty parasites too. As a team of registered veterinarians and animal fanatics, VetShopMax is committed to providing our customers with a range of flea and tick prevention treatments for their cats that don’t require a prescription. And Revolution Plus for cats is one of those special products.


Available in different doses for large, medium, and small cats, Revolution Plus for cats is a highly effective treatment for both internal and external parasites. From fleas to paralysis ticks, heartworm, hookworm, roundworm, mites, and lice, Revolution Plus cat flea treatment is a simple solution for ensuring your furry friend is parasite-free. 


Buy Revolution Plus cat flea treatment online today

Made in Australia, Revolution Plus for cats will keep your favorite feline happy and healthy — even after days of exploring in parasite-infested environments. Order online today and enjoy savings when you buy Revolution Plus for cats in bulk! 




What is Revolution Plus for cats effective against?

From external parasites such as fleas, ticks, mites, and lice to dangerous internal parasites such as hookworm, heartworm, and other intestinal parasites, Revolution Plus cat flea treatment has a unique dual-action formula that offers cats the protection they need. 


How is Revolution Plus different from Revolution?

Unlike Revolution, Revolution Plus contains both selamectin and sarolaner, highly effective parasiticides, to kill both internal and external parasites that pose a threat to cats. Revolution Plus for cats is a dual-action parasite treatment — nasty bloodsuckers don’t stand a chance!


How effective is Revolution Plus cat flea treatment?

24 hours after a single treatment of Revolution Plus, your cat will be nearly 100% flea- and tick-free. Revolution Plus cat flea treatment is a highly effective parasite treatment that will prevent both internal and external parasites from infesting your cat for up to 5 weeks at a time. Pesky parasites, existing flea and tick eggs may still hatch but they will be quickly killed by Revolution Plus — without a chance to cause harm or reproduce.


How long does Revolution Plus for cats take to work?

Almost immediately after being applied to your cat’s fur, Revolution Plus begins killing nasty parasites — giving them instant relief from itchy, painful bites. In fact, the majority of fleas will be killed within just 6 hours of applying Revolution Plus for cats and after 24 hours, your cat should be tick-free too.


How often should you apply Revolution Plus for cats?

To ensure your cat is protected from both internal and external parasites, apply Revolution Plus to your cat’s dry fur once a month all year-round.

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