Buster Soft Mini Cube Magenta

The Buster Soft Mini Cube in Magenta is a small, plush dog toy perfect for playtime. Its soft texture and compact size make it ideal for tossing and fetching, providing hours of fun and entertainment for your furry friend.

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Releases small amounts of treats as the cube is turned, keeping your dog alert and active while you are away.

The Buster Food Cube is an iconic toy that keeps your dog busy while you are not around. The sturdy plastic cube has an adjustable opening which can be filled with treats. The treats fall out as your dog rolls it around with its nose or paws. You can feed your dog their daily kibble allowance in the food cube to entertain them while they work for their meal. 

Enthusiastic Cube-players will need a greater challenge! You can regulate how easily the food is released to adjust the level of difficulty for your dog as they learn (Min and Max settings).

The Buster Food Cube will withstand ordinary cleaning agents and is dishwasher safe.

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Brand Platinum Performance