Aristopet Catnip Spray Cat

Aristopet Catnip Spray is designed to stimulate your cat's senses and encourage playfulness and activity.

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Aristopet Catnip Spray Cat

Aristopet Catnip Spray for Cats! Our innovative catnip spray is designed to enhance your feline friend's playtime and exercise routine. Crafted with concentrated catnip oil, it contains the active ingredient, nepetalactone, which is carefully extracted from the leaves of catnip plants. This allows you to provide your cat with the delightful effects of catnip in a convenient spray form for everyday use.

When you use our catnip spray, you'll witness your pet's playful side come to life. The stimulating effects last for up to 15 minutes, offering your cat a burst of joy and excitement during playtime. Rest assured, our catnip spray is harmless, non-addictive, and completely natural, ensuring your cat's safety and well-being. It's important to note that cats of reproductive age tend to be more responsive to the enticing aroma of catnip compared to kittens or older cats. So, treat your furry companion to Aristopet Catnip Spray and watch them pounce, frolic, and have a purr-fectly good time!

Key Benefits:

  • Ignites playfulness and exercise in your pet
  • Contains a highly potent formula
  • Ideal for enhancing toys and scratchers
  • Simple and safe application

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Animal Type Cat
Breed Size 0-22lbs
Brand Aristopet
  • Catnip plant (Nepata cataria) extract
Directions for use

How to Use:

  • Ensure a good shake before use.
  • Maintain a distance of 20 to 25cm from the target and apply a gentle mist.
  • Apply every 2-3 days or as needed.
  • Spray on your cat's toys, scratching posts, bedding, and more.