Adaptil Calm Dog Collar

Adaptil Calm Dog Collar is your canine companion's ticket to tranquility. Tailored for dogs of all sizes, it offers relief from anxiety without the need for medication. From thunderstorm phobia to travel stress, this collar delivers a constant release of calming pheromones, providing comfort and reassurance to your pet. With its adjustable design, it fits securely around your dog's neck, ensuring maximum effectiveness and long-lasting peace of mind.

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Adaptil Calm Dog Collar

Take the lead in managing your dog's anxiety with the Adaptil Calming Adjustable Dog Collar. Engineered to activate with body heat, this collar releases a steady flow of calming pheromones, offering relief during stressful situations. Whether it's a thunderstorm or a visit to the vet, this collar provides a non-invasive alternative, supported by clinical evidence and veterinary approval. Ensure the collar remains in close contact with your dog's skin for maximum effectiveness, allowing the calming effects to take hold over a recommended period of at least 30 days.

Key Benefits:

  • Releases calming pheromones activated by body heat, suitable for outdoor use
  • Perfect for adoption, puppy socialization, training, travel, crating, kenneling, or boarding
  • Mitigates anxiety triggered by thunderstorms, fireworks, separation, or other stressors
  • Puppy/small size fits necks up to 14.7 inches; medium/large size accommodates up to 24.6 inches
  • Each collar provides up to four weeks of relief; for best results, ensure continuous usage.

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Animal Type Dog
Breed Size 89lbs Plus
Brand Adaptil


  • Very Small - Small Size: Ideal for puppies and dogs with neck circumference up to 37.5 cm.
  • Medium - Large Size: Suitable for dogs with neck circumference up to 63.5 cm.
Active Ingredient
  • Canine appeasing pheromone analog 5%.
Directions for use
  1. Unwind the collar using the plastic loop near the buckle.
  2. Place the collar around your dog's neck, ensuring it's initially loose.
  3. Adjust the collar to fit comfortably against your dog's skin.
  4. Maintain a space for only two fingers between the collar and skin.
  5. Secure the collar by buckling it.
  6. Trim any excess collar length.
  7. Use the collar daily for up to four weeks.
  8. For best results, consider using alongside Adaptil Diffuser or Spray.


  • Check the collar's fit regularly as your puppy grows to ensure it doesn't become too tight.
  • Note that the collar is ineffective when wet but regains effectiveness once dry.
  • Keep the Adaptil collar in contact with your dog's skin, even when using another collar.
  • Avoid attaching a leash directly to the Adaptil collar.
  • Exercise caution and avoid using the collar on dogs with extensive skin lesions.
  • Ensure safety by not using the collar on dogs with neck area skin lesions.
  • Do not attach a leash to the Adaptil Collar to prevent any accidents or mishaps.


  • ADAPTIL won't help if your dog's behavior isn't stress-related.
  • It's ineffective for behavior issues related to lack of training or environmental stimulation.
  • Consult your vet for house-soiling concerns to rule out medical causes.
  • Seek professional guidance for aggression; ADAPTIL isn't appropriate.
  • Ensure there are no barriers between the ADAPTIL Calm On The Go Collar and your dog's skin for optimal effectiveness.