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PAW Puppy Grooming Package


1 x PAW Puppy Shampoo 200ml
1 x PAW Puppy Conditioning Mist 200ml
= 1 x FREE PAW Lavender Grooming Mist

PAW Puppy Shampoo 200ml
The PAW Puppy Gentle Shampoo has been specially formulated for a puppy's skin. It is pH balanced  and is hypoallergenic sulphate free to gently clean the young skin for an effective clean without stripping the natural oils. It contains pure essential oils to nurture young skin and provide a fresh natural fragrance

PAW Puppy Conditioning Mist 200ml
The PAW Puppy Conditioning Mist makes conditioning your puppy easy in its simple spray application.This alcohol free formula is gentle enough to nurture young skin and keep the coat in great condition. It contains natural products of coconut and jojoba to give the coat a fresh, clean fragrance.

PAW Lavender Grooming Mist 200ml
The PAW Conditioning & Grooming Mist is an alcohol free spray that moisturises, deodorises and detangles the coat. What a simple, gentle way to freshen your dog’s coat between washes.

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