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PAW Osteocare Dog Joint Protect Chews

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PAW Osteocare Dog Joint Protect Chews

Tasty salmon based chews with glucosamine and chondroitin to help improve joint function and health in younger dogs and older dogs with early arthritis symptoms.

  • Genetically pre-disposed to osteoarthritis, eg. large breed dogs.
  • Displaying the clinical symptoms of osteoarthritis including lameness, stiffness, pain and a reluctance to run and play.
  • Recovering from injury or surgery, or those who enjoy a high level of physical activity.


PAW Osteocare Joint Health Chew Contains:

  • 500mg of Glucosamine Sulfate provides cartilage nutrition for optimal joint cartilage health and joint function.
  • 250mg of Chondroitin Sulfate is a major component of joint cartilage and is required for cartilage and joint health.
  • Other ingredients such as MSM and a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals work together to maintain the health of your dog’s joints.
  • Highly palatable chew: A tasty salmon and chickpea based chew that is easy to give to your pet on a daily basis.


Active ingredients:

Rye flour, fish meal, glucosamine sulphate 500 mg, soy flour, chondroitin sulphate 250 mg, sodium chloride (salt), ascorbic acid 40 mg (vitamin c), manganese gluconate 22 mg, dimethyl sulfone, besan flour, glycerine, guar gum, acetic acid, sodium stearyl lactylate, hydrolysed vegetable protein powder, smokey beef flavour, naturox, pectin, turmeric extract, potassium sorbate, water. This product contains fish meals.



Recommended daily dosage based on weight ranges below:

  • 2.2 - 21 lbs:  ½ Chew
  • 22 - 54 lbs:  1 Chew
  • Over 55 lbs:  2 Chews



As recommended by your veterinarian.

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