Legal and Terms of Service

1. Use of this website and the sale of products is governed by the laws of Queensland and Australia.

2. By using this website or purchasing products from VetShopMax you submit to the laws of Queensland and Australia and agree that any dispute will be determined in accordance with and by the courts of Queensland and Australia.

3. Your use of this website and the purchase of products is governed by these terms of service and Our Guarantee.

4. Except as set out in these terms of service and Our Guarantee, we accept no liability for the contents of this website or any of the products sold. Our liability for any product which is defective or causes loss or damage of any kind is limited to the cost of the product or the provision of a replacement.

5. It is your responsibility to ensure that your use of this website and the purchase of any products from us complies with the law where you are. We make no representation or warranty in this regard. By placing an order you warrant to us that in doing so you are complying with all laws in your country.

6. All local taxes, customs duties and other government fees and charges imposed on any products you purchase or on your purchase are your responsibility.

7. We reserve the right to decline to fill or cancel any order for any reason (including in the case of pricing errors). If we cancel an order we will advise you prior to the dispatch of goods and refund any money you've paid in full.

8. If you are in the USA please be aware that products sold by VetShopMax may be sourced from outside the USA. This means that the packaging may be slightly different to that available in stores in the USA. For example, weights and measurements may be in metric. If you need to convert from kilograms and millilitres to pounds and ounces. All instructions for use and safety notices are written in English. You agree to accept the products "as is" and will not object to this.

9. You understand and agree that the sale occurs upon your order leaving our warehouse and title to the goods pass to you at that time. You are the legal owner of the products from that time. If the products are shipped from outside your country, you are the importer of those products and responsible for all laws in your country.

10. By using this website and purchasing products from us, you warrant and agree that you are not doing so for the purposes of taking any legal action against us.

11. Prices are subject to change without notice.

12. We may add Store Credit to your account for various reasons. eg. as part of a promotion or, with your approval, instead of a refund to your credit card or paypal account. You must be logged in to your account to see and use Store Credit. You can use Store Credit to purchase products at our online store at checkout or when you call our customer service center . Store Credit does not expire, but it can only be used at our online store and is not transferable and not redeemable for cash. If you have multiple accounts, Store Credit cannot be combined between accounts. If you close your account, you will lose any Store Credit attached to that account.

13. If you are entitled to a full or partial refund of an order and you verbally to a Store Credit instead of a refund to your credit card or paypal account, you agree that the issue of the Store Credit is full satisfaction of all your entitlements and you will not make any chargeback or claim in any way whatsoever.

14. Our records are the sole evidence of your entitlement to Store Credit. The amount shown in your account is (subject to any adjustment here under, fraud, technical issue, error on our part or interference by a third party) is assumed to be correct for all purposes.

15. We are entitled to adjust Store Credit if there has been an error, change in circumstance or any other reason we consider is fair and appropriate (e.g. too much or not enough store credit given, you have made a chargeback or other claim on your credit card or paypal account, you dispute that you agreed to accept a Store Credit instead of a refund or you otherwise owe us money).

16. We may for any reason, temporarily lock or suspend the use of Store Credit either for a particular person or group of persons or generally (e.g. because of technical issues, suspected fraud, temporary website closure for maintenance). We will use our reasonable endeavours to remove the lock or suspension as quickly as reasonably possible.

17. We may terminate the Store Credit program where we consider that it is not practical for any reason to continue. If we do, we may replace it with a similar program that gives you similar or better benefits, provide you with future discounts equal to or better than any Store Credit you held or provide you with benefits in some other way that we reasonably consider is fair and equitable.

18. In exceptional circumstances (e.g. if we consider that there has been fraud, an error or for any other reason we consider it reasonable and appropriate), we can delete, cancel or remove Store Credit either for a particular person or group of persons or generally.

19. We are not liable for any temporary or permanent failure in your ability or desire to use Store Credit eg for technical, legal or other reasons you are unable to use our website or contact us, because you no longer have a need for any of the products we sell or any other reason. We are not liable for any loss or change to your Store Credit caused by any technological failure or issue or the actions of any third party.

20. If we adjust, lock, suspend, delete, cancel, remove or terminate Store Credit as outlined above we will endeavour to keep you informed, but we have no liability for any failure to do so and you are not entitled to any compensation in any way for us doing so . Without limiting this, you expressly agree that all Store Credit that you may hold at such time has a market value not exceeding US$1.

21. VetShopMax is a trading name of Pet Supplies (USA) Inc - A global organisation dedicated to promoting affordable animal health care. Pet Supplies (USA) Inc is a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.

Please contact us if you do not understand these terms of service or want us to clarify something by sending us an email.

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