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We don't stock Interceptor or Sentinel, but here is an alternative

  • What is Interceptor?
    A popular med to treat heartworm and some adult gastrointestinal worms (Hookworm,Whipworm and Roundworm)

    So Interceptor treats Heartworm + Hookworm + Roundworm + Whipworm

  • What is Sentinel?
    A flavored tablet with identical treatment function as Interceptor but it helps stop flea eggs from hatching as well. It does not kill adult fleas.

  • As Sentinel does not treat Tapeworm, it does not give dog owners full protection against all parasitic worms. Tapeworm is common in dogs and Hydatid Tapeworms can be hazardous to humans and especially children if they are exposed to these worms.

  • What can you do ?
    Our Vets recommend complete parasite coverage with a combined flea and heartworm med like Advocate (Advantage Multi) or Revolution along with a full spectrum wormer like Drontal Plus, Popantel or Canex.