Enzyplex Powder

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A digestive enzyme supplement that aids in the treatment of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in dogs.

Enzyplex enzyme complex powder aids in the treatment of pancreatic exocrine deficiency disease in dogs. Digestive enzymes break down food elements into digestible components. Sodium bentonite is smectite earth which slows the rate of food passage through the bowel and enables more efficient digestion. It also alters bacterial fermentation activity in the large bowel, reducing flatulence and improving stool formation. Contains available calcium source with sodium bicarbonate to control pH for digestive enzyme activity.

Composition: Each kg contains digestive enzymes maltase 14 g, protease 8 g, lipase 24 g. Also contains sodium bentonite, calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate.

Dose Rate: 6 g (1 scoop)/300 g dry food or 700 g tinned food, meat stew or equivalent.

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Brand RSPCA Animal Health Products