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Simparica Flea Treatment For Dogs

Carrying diseases and potential infections, parasites like fleas, ticks, and worms are not only itchy and frustrating but dangerous to your dog's health. They’re small and hatch many eggs, which makes them a tricky pest to detect and quick to become an infestation. To safeguard your pet from infestation, incorporate a regular parasite treatment plan into their health care. 

At VetShopMax, we’re committed to providing helpful solutions to improve the health and wellbeing of your furry friend. Our extensive range of Simparica flea treatment provides effective and broad-spectrum protection against a variety of internal and external parasites. 


What does Simparica flea treatment for dogs protect against?

Used by veterinarians across the US, Simparica flea treatment is a medicine that protects dogs from infestations of fleas, ticks, ear mites, and mange, which is a form of skin infection caused by mites. It can also be used to manage flea allergy dermatitis, a common skin condition that arises following a flea infestation.


How often should I give my dog Simparica flea treatment?

Simparica flea treatment for dogs kicks into effect immediately after consumption, killing fleas, mites, and ticks within the same day. The formula will remain effective for another 35 days after the first dose, however, for consistent protection, we recommend repeating the dosage at one-month intervals. 

To find the right dosage for your furry friend, simply choose the packet that corresponds to their weight and follow the detailed instructions. Add our chewable tablets into your dog's next meal and experience peace of mind knowing that you’ve provided them with the best protection against pesky parasites.


How does Simparica tick treatment work?

Chewable and flavored to your pet’s satisfaction, Simparica tick treatment tablets contain a fast-acting formula that begins to kill fleas, ticks, and mites within three to eight hours of ingesting. Sarolaner is the active ingredient within Simparica chewable tablets that works as an insecticide to parasites. It restricts the function of the muscles, leading to neuromuscular spasms that kill the insects while leaving your pet safe and parasite-free. Quality tested and FDA approved, Simparica flea treatment is a safe and effective method in keeping your dog healthy and happy. It can be used for puppies as young as eight weeks and as small as 1.3kgs. 


Choose Simparica flea treatment for healthy and happy pets

For all-in-one internal and external parasite treatment, explore Simparica’s flea treatment for dogs. Discover our massive range of affordable pet products online, from muscle and joint pain medication for dogs to dietary supplements for cats, VetShopMax has you covered without the need for a prescription


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