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Seresto Flea & Tick Collar For Dogs

If your dog gets fleas or ticks, it can be frustrating not only for you but also for your precious pup. Fleas and ticks can cause almost unbearable amounts of itching and pain. In some cases, if the ticks are not found and killed quickly, they can cause serious problems for your pet. The Seresto dog collar for fleas and ticks works to treat flea infestations on your pet as well as adults and larvae in your home for up to 8 months and deals with ticks for 4 months. Shop at VetShopMax today and buy Seresto online to protect your pet and your family from fleas and ticks.




What are Seresto dog collars used for?

Seresto dog collars can be used to treat and prevent flea infestations and ticks. They can be used if your dog already has a flea or tick infestation, or if you are looking to prevent your dog from getting fleas or ticks.

How do Seresto dog collars work?

The Seresto flea and tick collar for dogs works by killing fleas and ticks on contact instead of when they bite. As an alternative to tablets or chewables, the Seresto dog collar releases continuous, low dosages of its active ingredients to kill fleas and ticks on contact. By killing these pesky critters before they even bite, you can prevent your pet from experiencing any unnecessary stress and discomfort.


How effective are Seresto dog collars?

The Seresto collar for dogs will protect your pup from fleas for up to 8 months, and from ticks for up to 4 months. The Seresto dog collar is effective in controlling existing infestations of fleas and ticks and preventing further infestations for the time period specified. 


Can my dog’s Seresto collar get wet?

One of the great things about the Seresto dog collar is that it’s waterproof, so your dog can wear it while swimming or having a bath — and the collar will be just as effective as before.


Are Seresto collars safe for small dogs?

At VetShopMax, we sell two types of Seresto collars: the Seresto large dog collar for dogs over 18lbs, and the Seresto small dog collar for small dogs and puppies up to 18lbs. The small collar is safe to use on smaller dogs and puppies, but if you have any concerns at all about whether the Seresto large dog or Seresto small dog collars are right for your pet, speak with your vet first. 


Can Seresto dog collars be used on pregnant dogs?

No, Seresto collars are not approved for dogs that are pregnant or lactating. This is because Seresto flea collars contain a pesticide that is used to kill fleas and ticks quickly, which could be harmful to pregnant or lactating dogs as well as newborn puppies. It should also not be bought for dogs who are sensitive to any of the active ingredients. 


Do I need a prescription from my vet for a Seresto dog collar?
You don’t need a prescription for a Seresto collar. However, if you have any concerns at all, it’s always recommended to speak with your vet first. You can also contact the team at VetShopMax if you have any questions about our range of products.


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