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Revolution Flea & Tick For Dogs

Microscopic and difficult to detect, parasites present a number of health risks to your pet. At VetShopMax, we provide an effective range of parasite protection treatments to keep your pets healthy and happy, and for your convenience, we don’t require a prescription from the vet. 

For a ground-breaking solution that protects against a wide range of internal and external parasites, discover Revolution flea treatment for dogs. Revolution understands that feeding medicine to your furry friend can be a difficult task, so they’ve crafted a simple all-purpose solution so that you only need one form of medicine to protect against a broad spectrum of parasites and bugs. 




How to apply Revolution for dogs?

Revolution for dogs is an odorless, non greasy, and fast-drying gel designed to be applied to a patch of skin beneath your dog's hair. To apply, simply part a small area of hair near the base of your dog's neck or shoulder blades until you can see a section of bare skin. Place the tip of the tube against your dog's skin and gently squeeze until the entire contents are emptied onto the patch. Say goodbye to wrestling your pet to squeeze a pill into their unwilling mouth or sticky sprays leaving marks on your couch. Revolution for fleas is a hassle-free treatment solution that will ensure your dog is safe from parasites.

How effective is the Revolution for dogs?

Revolution for dogs is an all-purpose parasite prevention solution for both dogs and cats. It kills adult fleas and ticks within 36 hours and prevents any eggs from hatching. Working inside and out, Revolution flea treatment for dogs protects your furry friend from a broad spectrum of internal and external parasites and remains effective for a month after application. 

While you may spot adult fleas crawling in your pet’s fur, the majority of the population exists within your animal’s living environments. Not only does Revolution for dogs kill fleas and unhatched eggs on your pet’s fur, but also the infestation that lives in their beds, feeding areas, and all other frequented indoor and outdoor environments. 


How often do I need to apply Revolution for dogs?

Revolution flea treatment for dogs should be applied once a month. If your pet has a particularly bad infestation, we recommend a repeat dosage 14 days after the first. The treatment will kill the majority of parasites within the first 36 hours and continue for another five days after application.


Keep your pets healthy and happy and buy Revolution for dogs today

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