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For over 20 years, VetShopMax has been helping pet parents keep their furry friends safe with our impressive collection of high quality and affordable dog products. Everything we sell has been chosen and approved by our trusted team of qualified veterinarians.

Our products are focused on protecting your furry friends and prioritising their health and wellbeing. At VetShopMax, we provide affordable healthcare solutions such as flea and tick products and no RX required products for your four-legged companion. 

Safe for dogs

Vets across the world recommend Bravecto for dogs. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved medication has been rigorously tested and proven to be an optimum, safe and easy solution for fleas and ticks for all types of breeds.


What is Bravecto for dogs?

Bravecto chews for dogs is a long-lasting and powerful flea and tick treatment. It is a convenient option for pet owners as the medication is tasty and easy for your four-legged friend to consume. The effects of Bravecto for dogs last for about 12 weeks, giving your dog extended and necessary protection from the brown ticks, black-legged ticks, lone star ticks, ear mites and flea allergy dermatitis.

What does
Bravecto chews for dogs prevent?

Fleas are a very common infestation for your furry pals, and they’re able to lay between 40 and 50 eggs every day! These external parasites cause discomfort and irritation and can prove fatal. Vets recommend monthly flea and tick treatments for all dogs — regardless of their age, breed or weight — to remove the risk of infestation and keep them healthy and happy.

No matter where your pup runs off to while playing around, Bravecto chewable for dogs keeps your dog safe from dangerous fleas and paralysis ticks. They have also been proven to be effective and safe for eight week old little pups.

How long do Bravecto side effects last in dogs?

One dose of Bravecto for dogs provides them with three months of flea protection and four months of paralysis tick protection. A single Bravecto chew for dogs also protects your furry friend against brown dog and bush ticks for two months.

Is Bravecto safe for pregnant dogs?

Dogs need extra care and protection when they are pregnant due to the increased risks linked to their health and their puppies. Bravecto chewable for dogs provides excellent flea and tick protection for pregnant, breeding, and nursing dogs. These treatments are FDA approved and are a safe and effective method to keep those moms-to-be dogs protected.

Do you need a prescription for Bravecto?

At Vet Shop Max, we are dedicated to providing the best no RX required and affordable medication for your dogs. We directly deliver a wide range of Bravecto for dogs chewable flea and tick protection specially formulated for small, medium and large dogs.

There are other no RX required medications you can order from our online store including generic Heartgard and wormers. Get in touch with our team to learn more about our range of safe and authorized no RX treatments for your furry pals. 

How often do I give my dog Bravecto?

Bravecto chewable for dogs are preventative flea and tick treatments that provide long-lasting protection from paralysis ticks, brown dog ticks, bush ticks, Sarcoptes, Demodex and ear mites. For optimal treatment, you can give your pup an oral dose every three months for flea and tick protection and every four months for brown dog and bush tick protection. Please consult your vet for a more personalized dosage schedule if need be. 

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