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Advantage Flea For Dogs

Since 1999, VetShopMax has been helping pet parents keep their furry friends safe with an unbeatable range of premium and affordable products, all clinically tested and approved by registered veterinarians.  

How it works

Protect your furry friend with Advantage for dogs, a powerful and no-fuss treatment for the prevention and eradication of fleas and ticks. Its unique formula targets two parts of the flea's life cycle - adult flea and larval stage, so you can get ahead of the problem quickly. 

With the active ingredient of Imidacloprid, Advantage flea treatment for dogs has been scientifically proven to cure even the most severe flea and tick infestations. This all-in-one, fast acting treatment will start working in under an hour and is guaranteed to kill 98-100% of fleas within just 12 hours. Advantage for dogs only needs to be applied once a month and will prevent further flea infestation by eliminating adult fleas and larvae in your dog's surroundings for up to four weeks. Durable and long lasting, Advantage flea treatment has been designed to stay put on your pet even after bathing and swimming. 

How to apply
Advantage for dogs

Get your pet standing upright in a comfortable position and part your dog’s fur at the back of their neck until there is visible skin. Break the seal and place the tip of the tube directly to the skin and empty the entire contents in one go only. For smaller dogs, just apply the product in one spot, but for larger breeds we recommend applying at three to four spots starting from the backbone to the base of the tail. 

When choosing the most suitable Advantage Flea Treatment for your dog, be sure to select a product that matches their weight range. Advantage for dogs is also safe to use on puppies from eight weeks of age and older as well as pregnant and lactating animals.

Get in touch

With Advantage for dogs, you are able to protect any breed from fleas and ticks without breaking the bank and if you spend over $125, you’ll qualify for free shipping, so it’s worth stocking up. We even have a best price guarantee! 

If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, simply return your unopened item in its original packaging and we will give you a replacement or full refund. Got questions? Feel free to call our U.S call centre on 1-866-560-6346 or send us an email at Explore our incredible range of dog products today and give your pet the best!


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