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Ear Cleaners For Dogs



How do I clean my dog’s ears at home?

The entire range of ear drops for dogs from VetShopMax is designed to be easily and simply used at home. By creating a relaxed, calm environment before applying a few drops to your pup’s ears, you can remove odours, ensure their ear canal is clear, and keep their tails wagging. 

We recommend cleaning your dog’s ears after a bath or a swim when their ears are likely to be cleaner, and you can get close to them without causing distress. Applying ear drops behind your dog’s head as you pat and comfort them will help them feel safe and encourage them to sit still while you apply the treatment. 


What are the different types of dog ear cleaning products available?

At VetShopMax, we offer a range of ear and eye products to keep your canine companion in perfect shape. Our range of dog ear cleaning solutions consists of  gentle formulas and an easy application nozzle for your convenience. We offer products suitable for one-off applications, regular or weekly uses and even daily applications. 

Why is ear cleaner for dogs so important?

Over time, crust, dirt, ear wax, scales and other foreign materials can make their way into your dog’s ears, blocking the ear canal, potentially affecting their hearing, and even risking infection. An ear cleaner for dogs is incredibly beneficial and will ensure your furry friend stays happy and healthy. 


How often should a dog's ears be cleaned?

All dog breeds have different needs and common health problems that they face. With some breeds, ear infections and general build-up of foreign materials are more of a problem than with others. If your vet has recommended regular cleaning, you’ll love our range of dog ear cleaning solutions that are suitable for one-off treatments and gentle enough for everyday use.


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