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Credelio PLUS Dog Very Large 48.5-99lb Blue

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NEW Credelio™ PLUS is a broad-spectrum, chewable tablet that's gentle on your dog's system but tough on fleas and ticks PLUS worms AND heartworm.

COMPREHENSIVE - Kills fleas and ticks, PLUS roundworms, hookworms and whipworm, PLUS prevents heartworm disease and flea tapeworm infestation.

FAST - Starts killing fleas within 2 hours, protects your dog for a whole month. Protects your dog for a full month against Lone Star Ticks, American Dog Ticks, Brown Dog Ticks and Black Legged Ticks.

CONVENIENT - Small, chewable, pork liver flavored tablet, readily accepted by dogs and suitable for puppies as young as 8 weeks weighing over 6.1 lb.

One tablet once a month - It's all you need for broad-spectrum, long-lasting protection against parasites.


Credelio PLUS should be given with or immediately after food, once a month, preferably on the same date each month, to ensure your dog is fully protected. Most dogs will take Credelio PLUS from your hand. If this is not the case, hide the chewable tablet in their food. Be certain that the entire dose is taken; watch your dog for several minutes after giving them Credelio PLUS to ensure that they have eaten the whole tablet. If the entire dose is not consumed, give them another tablet as soon as possible.


Small: 6.1 lb – 12 lb

Medium: >12 lb – 24 lb

Large: >24 lb - 48.5 lb

Very Large: >48.5 lb – 99 lb

For dogs weighing above 99 lb of body weight, the appropriate combination of tablets matching the weight of the dog should be used.


Read product leaflet for full instructions. For use in dogs from 6.1 lb and 8 weeks of age. Credelio PLUS should be given with or following food. The safe use of Credelio PLUS in breeding males and females has not been evaluated. As with other monthly heartworm preventatives, dogs should be tested for heartworm prior to commencing treatment with Credelio PLUS. The use of Credelio PLUS in heartworm positive dogs has not been evaluated. Consult your veterinarian before starting a heartworm prevention program. Lotilaner is part of the isoxazoline family of chemicals. Adverse reactions to this family of chemicals are rarely observed but may include vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy, inappetence, itching and very rarely seizures. Most adverse reactions are self-limiting and of short duration. If you have any concerns please speak to your veterinarian.

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