Wahl Clip Blade #3F 10mm

The Wahl Clip Blade #3F, with a precision of 10mm, is ideal for achieving a close and precise trim for your pet's fur.

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Clip blade Wahl #3F 10mm cuts clipping time in half with smoother feeding and faster cutting ability. Its teeth have been upgraded for higher performance and the smooth feeding feature leaves no clipper tracks. Ultimate Blades have every characteristic professional look for in a USA-quality manufactured blade. Midnight color for easy reference.

Blade Description
  • Cuts 2.5 x's faster
  • Blade line has a silky shiny finish
  • Distinctive Black Chrome finish has been added for superior rust protection
  • Fits Wahl KM and Storm clippers and most OSTER and ANDIS detachable clippers.
  • Leaves hair 10mm