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Medicated Cat Shampoo

VetShopMax has a wide range of medicated cat shampoos and washes for your cats. A healthy and clean coat is very important to your cats life. You can make sure that your cats skin and coat stay healthy by washing your cat with a soap-free shampoo. This will prevent your cats from getting skin complications, infections, and even fleas.

While cats are normally really good at taking care of their own cleanliness and fur maintenance, there are situations when they might need help. If your cat is suffering from a parasitic infestation, our expansive range of medicated cat shampoo is the go-to to help keep your feline friend healthy and free of fleas and ringworm. General illness might also impact your little furry friends’ ability to clean themselves, in which case you might be required to step in and help with a medicated cat shampoo.

Getting your hands on a quality medicated cat shampoo like the ones here at VetShopMax means you can feel confident your cat is protected from infections, skin complications, and fleas, all with just one easy, deliciously-smelling wash!


What are the different types of
medicated cat shampoo?

There is a range of different medicated cat shampoos available for your cat. Some are soothing medicated cat shampoos designed to treat dermatitis and allergies in cats. Others are medicated cat shampoos with antifungal properties that are intended to rid of worming infections and other types of dangerous infections. Alternatively, if you prefer unmedicated shampoo and simply want to get your cat smelling delicious, browse our range of non-medicated shampoos or washes

How do I choose the right medicated shampoo for my cat?

We know that every cat is different, which is why it’s important to find the right medicated cat shampoo for them, depending on their needs and unique qualities. If your feline friend suffers from dermatitis and is prone to fleas, find a medicated flea shampoo for cats or a medicated shampoo for cats with allergies. If your cat is prone to or is suffering from intestinal worms that affect the skin area, try using a medicated cat shampoo for ringworm. At VetShopMax, we have a range of medicated cat shampoos for you to browse, and you are bound to find the perfect shampoo for your fur baby.

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