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Cat Shampoos And Washes

A healthy and clean coat is very important to your cat’s life. You can make sure that your cat’s skin and coat stay healthy by washing your cat with a soap-free shampoo. This will prevent your cat from getting skin complications, infections, and even fleas. VetShopMax has a wide range of medicated and non-medicated cat shampoo and washes for your cat.

VetShopMax is proud to offer a helpful range of cat shampoo and conditioner so that your furry friend stays clean and healthy all year round. Whether you’re looking for regular cat shampoo or hypoallergenic cat shampoo, we have everything you need to look after your cat. We understand how important it is to take care of your cat, so that’s why we offer a great selection of useful cat shampoos all in one place. Browse our range and see how you can get your furry friend’s coat looking bright, shiny and healthy again as soon as possible. 


What are the different types of
cat shampoo and conditioners?

VetShopMax offers a broad range of medicated and non-medicated cat shampoo and conditioners:


  • Aloveen oatmeal intensive conditioner Oatmeal shampoo for cats that soothes itchy and dry skin when it’s inflamed or irritated. Designed to be used after Aloveen shampoo. 

  • Epi-Soothe conditioner — Cream rinse conditioner that soothes inflamed and irritated skin. Can be used on both dogs and cats. 

  • Aloveen oatmeal shampoo — To soothe and cleanise irritaed, dry and inflamed skin.  To be used in conjunction with Aloveen oatmeal intensive conditioner.

  • Malaseb medicated foam — Keratolytic, antibacterial, antipruritic, and antifungal shampoo that can be used on dogs and cats. 


  • Fido’s coat spray — Can be used on both cats and dogs, and applied to both wet and dry coats. This will leave your cat with a natural sheen and a pleasant smell. 

  • Fido’s white and bright shampoo — Soap-free cat shampoo that is used on dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens with white or light colored coats. Will give your pet a brilliant shine. 

How often should I wash my cat?

Cats are efficient at self-grooming. However, you should still give your cat a bath about once every 4-6 weeks. If your cat is not regularly grooming itself, this can also be a sign of other health problems — so if you need to wash your cat more regularly than normal, you should contact your vet. 

How do I know which shampoo is right for my cat?

The best shampoo is largely contingent on your cat's specific requirements or symptoms. For example, if your cat has inflamed or irritated skin, it is best to go for hypoallergenic shampoo. If they have a white or light coat, you can go for Fido’s white and bright shampoo. For any more information, or if you are unsure about your choice, feel free to contact us on 1-866-560-6346 to talk to a professional. 


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