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Muscle & Joint Supplements For Cats

As cats age, they will inevitably start to experience some joint stiffness and possibly pain. In order to keep them springing off surfaces and exploring to their heart’s content, joint supplements for cats are a great option. 

If you’ve recently been to the vet and been told you may need to look into joint care supplements for your cat, you’ve come to the right place. At VetShopMax, you’ll find joint supplements for cats, cat nutrition supplements and vitamins to keep your feline friend bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.




What are the different types of joint supplements for cats?

As well as joint supplements for cats already suffering from stiffness and pain, at VetShopMax, we carry chewable feline joint support tablets to reduce the risk of bone disorders and protect your cat’s long-term health. 


How do I choose the right joint supplement for my cat?

Did you know that just like humans, cats can suffer from arthritis? If your cat has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis or joint disease, we have a number of joint supplements for cats in both powder and chewable tablet form. Our formulas provide relief and are enriched with natural ingredients like green-lipped mussel to give your cat the joint support they need. 


Do I need joint care supplements for my cats?

If you’ve started to notice that your cat's movements have become more stiff or stilted as they’ve aged, this can be a sign that joint care supplements for your cat might be needed. Joint stiffness may be just that, or some pain could accompany it, so it’s always a good idea to book your kitty in with the vet to discover the best treatment for them as they age. 


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