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Heartworm Medicine for Cats

If you think heartworm treatment for cats isn’t necessary, think again. Even though cats are not as susceptible to heartworms as dogs, they can still catch them. In the same way Microfila (Heartworms) threaten dogs' health, your cats are potentially being exposed to life-threatening, hard-to-spot heartworms. At VetShopMax, we offer a variety of treatments for heartworm in cats, both preventative and curative. Some of the most popular products are Revolution and Advocate, as they can not only treat main external parasites, like fleas but can also treat internal parasites like intestinal worms and heartworms in cats.

Take a look at the full range of heartworm medicine for cats for sale at VetShopMax today, and make sure you are keeping your feline friend safe and fully protected.


How to treat heartworms in cats?

Whilst there is no FDA-approved heartworm medicine for cats, heartworm symptoms can be managed with medications that treat intestinal worms and parasites. Adult heartworms may also be surgically removed if the heartworms can be seen by ultrasound.

Why is
heartworm treatment for cats so important?

Heartworm treatment for cats is crucial because heartworm disease can cause severe illness and lasting damage to cats’ major organs. This means heartworm diseases can be fatal and may take your feline friend away from you much too soon! If you want your cat to be around for the long run, it is essential they’re protected from major diseases and infections, heartworm being an often overlooked one, but with dire consequences.

How often should I give my cat heartworm medicine?

To adequately protect your cat, you should give your cat heartworm medicine every month if you’re using oral and topical products. If you’re using an injectable treatment, it is recommended you give your cat heartworm medicine every six months.

Can I buy
heartworm medicine for cats online?

The main treatments for heartworm in cats are medications, most of which can be found online. At VetShopMax, we have you and your cat sorted with various treatments from reputable brands. Our favorite and most trustworthy brands include Moxiclear, Revolution, Revolution Plus, and Bravecto Plus.

Is heartworm prevention necessary for indoor cats?

Yes, heartworm prevention is necessary for indoor cats as well as outdoor cats. This is because both indoor and outdoor cats are just as susceptible to contracting and suffering from heartworm disease.

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