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Cat Ear Cleaners

Keeping your precious cat's ears protected is essential to their health and manageable with an easy-to-apply cat ear cleaner. Cleaning your cat's ears from a buildup of dirt ensures their ears are protected and less likely to catch an ear infection. Our range of vet-recommended cat ear cleaners are available online now and all without an RX prescription, so shop now and see how we can help you and your kitty.




Do cats' ears need to be cleaned?

Just like humans and dogs need to check and clean their ears regularly, so do cats. We recommend you clean their ears to ensure they don’t have any infections or irritation if you notice any discharge, change in color, or odor. 


How do I clean my cat’s ears at home?

Applying cat ear cleaning solution to your cat's ears at home is quite simple. Of course, depending on the cat, it can be uncomfortable at first as you insert the liquid into their ear — especially if they're squeamish. Just like grooming your cat or even bathing them, we recommend you wear gloves and protective clothing to prevent any claws from scratching your skin. 


Simply grab your cat ear cleaning solution and have your cotton buds and pads on standby. Position your cat, so they're comfortable, and open their ear flap so you can squeeze the solution in. As it fills up, you can then rub their ear and massage the liquid in their ear canal. With your cotton buds or pads, you can gently clean and get rid of any debris or build-up. If you use a stick cotton pad, make sure not to insert it too deep into your cat's ear as it can further push debris into their canal. 


And last — but not least — don’t forget to give them some yummy treats as a reward.  


When do I need to clean my cat’s ears?

We recommend you clean your cat’s ears only when they show any sign of debris, build-up, odor or irritation. By checking every month, you can ensure that you’re keeping on top of your cat's health. Your local vet can also advise how often you should clean your cat's ears. 


What are the different types of cat ear cleaners available?

We stock a wide range of ear drops and cat ear cleaners online at VetShopMax. We have ear cleaners that can be used daily or for your one-off clean such as our Yours Drooly ear cleaner. But, if you’re after an ear cleaner for weekly usage, then we recommend our PAW Gentle ear cleaner, which can be used for cats and dogs. You could even try another of our vet-recommended cat ear cleaners with Sonotix ear cleaner, which has a unique triple action formula with three ceruminolytic agents working together for the most efficient dissolution of earwax.


For the best cat ear cleaner, shop now at VetShopMax and receive free shipping on orders over $125.

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