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How to Housebreak a Dog


                                                                             Housebreaking a Dog

One of the most difficult tasks a dog owner undertakes is housebreaking the pet.  The task in itself is not hard, but many pet owners are at a loss when it comes to understanding how to go about doing it successfully.

  • Create a Schedule

The first step to housebreaking a dog is to create a schedule for the week.  This schedule should include taking the dog outside first thing in the morning.  The dog should also go outside about 20 to 30 minutes after eating and after engaging in strenuous activity.  In addition, the dog should go outside to use the bathroom before going to bed. 

When taking your dog outside, be sure to accompany it with a phrase such as “go potty.”  In this way, your dog will begin to associate the words with the act.  When your dog does successfully use the bathroom, be sure to use plenty of praise. 

To make this schedule truly successful, you should also stick to a regular feeding time and also provide the pet with water each time it eats.  This will make it easier to give your pet a “potty break” at the same time every day.  You should also keep the diet consistent, feeding the same amount of food each time.  This  helps your pet’s body get on a regular schedule.

Avoid keeping water out at all times for the pet.  Make sure the dog gets some water about four hours before bedtime  then, put the water away.  If your dog seems to be uncomfortable from lack of water, you can provide it with some ice cubes while it is going through housebreaking training.  After your dog is successfully housebroken, you can leave the water out all night.

  • Keep an Eye on the Pet

In addition to the scheduled bathroom breaks, keep a watchful eye on your pet and its behavior.  Often, a dog will become fidgety when it is time to use the bathroom or it will begin sniffing around for a spot.  If you notice your pet engaging in these behaviors or any other unusual behavior, take him outside and give him the opportunity to use the bathroom again.  If your pet does have an accident inside, you should take it outside immediately and encourage it to go some more outside.