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VetShopMax Information Center for Cats, Dogs and other Pets

List of Subjects:

What's The Difference..
A quick comparison of product features and uses for the most common pet medications... [read more]

Small Mammal Library
Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Mice and other small mammals - care, meds, diseases and more .. [read more]

Common Pet Diseases
Information of what you need to know about common and harmful diseases, potential health threats to cats, dogs and other pets [read more]

Dental and Oral Care for Cats and Dogs 
Dr Marks articles on pet dental health and recommendations for care... [read more]

Pet Ear and Eye Information
Learn more about the ears and eyes of cats, dogs and other pets. Understand certain health issues, general care and types of mediation for ear and eye infections [read more]

Joint & Muscle Information for Cats, Dogs and Other Pets
Access to free articles addressing issues on Joint and Muscle with care tips, how to deal with associated problems and more [read more]

Types of Drugs
Understand the nature and the type of drugs that are used on cats, dogs and other small mammals [read more]

Types of External (Ecto) Parasites
Find out about the sorts of parasites that could be a health hazard to your pets and family [read more]

Types of Internal (Endo) Parasites
What types of parasites reside in your pets? What can they do to your dear pets? [read more]

Behavior & Training
Share some easy training methods for toilet training and other behavioral problems [read more]

Diet & Nutrition
What are the types of nutrients important to your pets?  [read more]

Stress and Anxiety Management
What causes pets stress? Understand the causes and provide proper care for your dear pets [read more]

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